Websites have turn out Through time in a excellent weapon of sales and marketing of every business in Singapore.
Thanks to constant evolution of technology, today companies from all around Singapore are able to present an attractive web design with photos, pictures, animations, videos and even music. These kind of elements have enriched web site design concept, raising its potential to interesting levels. All web sites could use all the tools previously mentionated, in order to get respect for design from each person (from Singapore or another country) that visit the website.
The creative way that all of these elements draw together will achieve a corporative identity. On shapes and colors will depend  that all the visitors from Sinagpore all around the world  to  keep surfing on the website.
On website  design customers should find important information related to products or services of a company,  characteristics, offers and data to establish contact, and  all of those elements that were thought-out to show the company and generate business and sell opportunities.
These  design elements still being important even if the company has signed with another company that offers   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to lead your company’s website to top places on the internet search engine  and to get a big amopunt of visitors.
If someones clicks on the  website of your company, and start to experience the first contact with your company, ¿How would you like this experience to be? Your main aim is to retain customer’s attention enough to  that he or she take the time to evaluate the contents of your website. If the potential client does not  find attractive the website design , probably will left the site  in a matter of seconds and look for another site.
So, this is why a website design is important , beacuse it will reatin customers’ attention.