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How an academic tutor should be?


Nowadays, in XXI century,  many countries   have been using a lot of different  new  educative methods , which are main focused  on develop abilities  and aptitudes, but specially those that involve the teachers with their comunity and particularly   their students.

There is one special method  that has been  strengthened  and leading  this lastest years,  and is academic tuition.

The need  and urgency of tuition  lies in  the   everyday poorer conditions  of the social, school and family  enviroment .


So, how  a tutor must be? Well, first  is important to explain what tuition is in order to  find out the best tutor profile.
Tuition is a helping process during the student’s learning, which is done in a  regular and consistent way,  but always individualized, because it will always tends to recognized the difference among students in order to determine an action plan for each of them . The task of tuition is even harder than teaching per se, as a consequence of the  permeated human relation that develops, the confidentially.

In this sense, the tutor has to be a person that is able to reflect, inform and argue about the student’s formation and their academic needs. Also, a person empowered to give tuition  has to encourage their students the importance of self-esteem, self-determination and self-care and foster curricular and extracurricular activities that promote  healthy lifestyles and making  responsible decisions , among others. Is a dual practice, person in charge of tuition has to transmit  values and knowledge at the same time.


Though  tuition has been aimed to the student’s integral formation, schools  and even parents have been  using this activity to impove marks, academic record, to solve school problems and reduce school dropouts.

However, tuition is the perfect tool for parents and schools to improve their  students’s   quality of life.